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I offer a unique design service;

Hand made websites with stunning design possibilities
No technical jargon - everything explained to you in plain English
If for ANY reason you are not 101% delighted, there will be no charge.
Yes, you did read that correctly!

This is your chance to connect your business with the world....without breaking the bank! Read on for the reasons why you should chose me to design your website.

My Vision

One type of customer is getting a raw deal in website design - small enterprises with a low budget. It's difficult for these organisations to get a quality presence on the web and to find the right person to help them, at reasonable cost. At the same time, there is a lot of unnecessary mystery, jargon and confusion in website design, and in turn this creates a "black art" which suits those taking you for a ride. I don't think that's fair.

So, it is for this reason that I am offering my unique website design service to you. Maybe you are a small business, a club, a school, or a hobbyist, and you feel that it's time to get yourself onto the World Wide Web for the first time, or you already have a website and are finding the update costs are giving you second thoughts. Perhaps you have created something yourself, but need to step up to your business success.

Whatever your situation, you need good advice, and I'm happy to give you that for free with a clear explanation, so you won't be confused. Consultation with me is free of charge.


My website designs are perfect for any small business, especially those starting up, or with low budgets.

I can also redesign/re-engineer your existing site for you if you fancy a change, or if you are finding your ongoing costs are going out of control.

Each website will be designed to recognised standards, and pay close attention to your needs and visual requirements.

Most website designers will expect you to agree on a specification before they start. I don't blame them, but you will almost certainly change your mind about things when you see your nearly-finished site. Specification changes will cost you, and by that time you are "locked in" and have signed a contract. I don't do this. I will simply continue working your site until you are happy with it. And if you are not happy, there will be no charge as I have already said.


I worked in Government computing for many years, gaining a vast amount of knowledge including security, wireless, and repairing PCs. I designed the database used to supply all the workforce in building and staffing the Bluewater Shopping Centre. I have always been creative and artistic, holding exhibitions, and won a competition to design new products from recycled packaging.
Website design mixes my artistic and computing skills in a useful way.

Underneath it all, you will find me a very modest and amiable person!


Here are some of the sites I have created.
Derek Hill Driving†††††††††††††††††††A site for a driving instructor.
The Village Taxi††††††††††††††††††††††Taxi Driver's site.
Crystal Clear Reporting††††††††††Business Data Analysis site.
Valley Writing Solutions†††††††††Scientific Paper Writing site
Jan Courtney††††††††††††††††††††††††††Counsellor's site on line soon


Before asking me to quote you, please do have a look around to get an idea of what your site might cost. Don't forget to check the cost of updating it as this might shock you more than anything else!

A straightforward site with enough pages to cover an emerging business can be yours for about £400. No VAT, so that's £80 you have just saved!

I can offer you a "catch all" option to include domain and hosting charges, as many updates as you need, and an annual review of your site for around £10 per month so you know your ongoing costs from the start.

I also offer cashback for everyone you refer to me who employs my services.

I will discuss any worries you might have regarding costs before you embark.


I'm also able to help you with your PC, from purchasing, setting things up, security matters, spam, viruses, backups, wireless networking, software, and mechanical problems.

If you need help designing your company logo or image, then this can be incorporated into your website design.

Don't forget that I am an artist, so I can also do an oil painting, or design a mural for your living space, or make a toy box. If you need something special that is artistic in nature yet impossible to find elsewhere, then ask me first, because I have a lot of good ideas, and always have an eye on the cost.


By email to: -
or you can Telephone Me

Give me a brief outline of what you want to achieve with your website, and I will reply with a free quotation, and any other details that you need to find out before you start.

Thank You....

...for reading through my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

This website has been created in a very simple way to show what is possible with the minimum of fuss. There are only three files for the main site, including just one image! It also goes against the grain by scrolling sideways! Nonetheless, as you have seen, it contains enough information to get your point across, and you can still read it all on any PC regardless of the screen size, including Netbooks, iPhone and your 1080P HD TV!.

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